Are AC Tune-Ups Worth It?

Booking annual AC maintenance is worthwhile.

Checkups keep your air conditioning equipment in Austin operating at its top performance while keeping energy consumption down. It also could even help lengthen its life cycle.

While there are a couple tasks you can do by yourself, you should work with Experts, like the ones at Strand Brothers Service Experts, for AC examinations and upkeep.

Here are a few steps you can take on your own as you prepare for warm weather.

Get Your AC Tune-Up Booked

Spring is a time of rejuvenation, and to many that entails a large portion of indoors, garage and yard freshening. With the toastier temperatures right around the corner, it’s also a fantastic idea to add AC checkups on that list.

Spring is the best time to get your AC unit freshened and checked out. Waiting to turn it on until the first warm day of the season can be a gamble. If you need service or installation, you may be waiting awhile for a tech. And that could turn extremely unpleasant.

And for allergy sufferers, being one step ahead with a fresh air conditioning system will help assure the greatest indoor air quality when it’s pollen season.

Also, air conditioner upkeep might be a requirement for your equipment’s manufacturer warranty or any additional extended warranty.

Can I Finish Maintenance Alone?

There are procedures that you can do to help keep your AC equipment in the prime state:

  • Put in a new air filter suggests each month or two. This is very necessary if you have been diagnosed with allergies or have animals in your residence.
  • Lawn upkeep near the outside condenser. Ensure the area is free of grass, weeds or bushes near your air conditioning system. We advise keeping 2–3 feet of clear space. You should also clear any leaves or branches that have dropped into your unit, because this may limit airflow.

Let the Professionals Take Care of the Rest

What’s left to finish? If you ring Strand Brothers Service Experts at 512-596-1257, the first thing we could do is compliment you for all the steps you’ve already finished. Then we’ll get down to the finer details. We’ll check your equipment and make sure it’s working properly with these steps:

  • Adjusting electrical connections to deliver reliable comfort.
  • Lubrication to keep moving components working effortlessly and potentially stay clear of problems.
  • Cleaning the condensate drain line to remove leak-causing mold and blockages.
  • Fixing coil fins to stay clear of decreased airflow.
  • Cleaning the exterior coil to eliminate any buildup from soil and weeds.
  • Inspecting controls to ensure your system is switching on, operating and shutting down like it should.
  • Checking the operating temperature parameters to ensure your system has the right refrigeration charge.

If we find troubles that involve further action, we are set to offer you the most cost-effective choice. Pinpointing possible troubles early might solve more substantial problems later. This also gives you time to strategize if your unit is getting outdated.

When you need a modern AC system to help make your new unit fit your budget. Regardless of what your comfort needs are, you can feel good knowing our Experts will take care of your needs.

Ready to schedule your tune-up? Contact us at 512-596-1257 or schedule an appointment online now.

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