Why Must You Think About Affixing UV Lights to Your Space?

In Austin, keeping all of your house sanitary and healthy is a complex undertaking that touches many different features. An item that you might not know is helpful to indoor air quality is your HVAC and ventilation system, especially the equipment taking care of filtering and purifying the nearby air. Because your HVAC system covers your complete home, keeping the air circulating inside it clean, purified and with little to no contaminants is an excellent idea.

A solution to helps reach this is adding germicidal UV lights to your HVAC system. Also called sanitizing or purifying lights, the bulbs produce UV light, a light that contains germicidal properties. Germs, bacteria, mold and viruses are exposed to the light as they reach your HVAC system, and are struck down before they reach further into your home. We suspect that every Austin homeowner will like that! 

Continue below to understand the two major reasons you might ponder adding UV lights to your home.

It’s a Money Saver

Even though there are some up-front expenditures for purchasing UV lights, such as materials and labor, the care and fee of spare bulbs is pretty low, roughly $100 to $150 a year or so in the Austin area. The bulbs last anywhere from 9-14 months varying by usage, so active upkeep will help you get the most out of each light, maximizing the general efficiency of your HVAC system.

While these lights will help keep key pieces of the HVAC system free of potential contaminants, the total life span of your HVAC system goes up, which through the years will save you money. As your ventilation equipment is critical to your home, making sure it’s in ideal working state is a big step in maintaining a home and ensuring your indoor air is fresh and clean.

If this main system isn’t taken care of, bigger repairs and whole replacements might become necessary as your HVAC equipment fights to operate as efficiently. Frequent maintenance is a good step in thwarting these types of more pricey challenges.

UV Lights Offer Health Benefits

Keeping your home a healthy area to live is more necessary than ever, and when you install quality UV lights to your home’s HVAC system, you could be inserting an additional layer of protection from a variety of impending harmful substances including germs and viruses.

UV light includes germicidal qualities, which indicates it gets rid of germs, bacteria and viruses. These microscopic particles can work their way around your home’s vents. With UV lights, however, it halts the makeup of the germs or bacteria so they can’t act or reproduce. With the right installation and maintenance, you will minimize the odds of coming down with an illness while resting in the comfort and privacy of your Austin home.

Combined with other features such as a high MERV-rating air filter or even a HEPA air filter, you can trap and destroy many of the most Austin-area widespread pollutants, allergens and airborne particles in advance of entering your home. The cleaner you preserve the air in your HVAC system, the healthier it is for you and your family! A well- designed air filtration and purification system can help reduce breathing problems while also minimizing the effects of seasonal allergies.

Don’t forget the most important tools for remaining healthy are good hygiene habits, and the information from health professionals. For additional ideas how HVAC equipment might potentially enhance the quality of air in your home, talk with an expert technician or with an experienced and insured contractor.

There are several different explanations for why adding UV lights. Our knowledgeable, helpful staff will ensure you’re making the correct choice for you and your household.

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